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Vines, leaves, flowers, and animal shadows surround the words "Wildlife Weirdos an animal podcast"

an animal podcast

Puffin Searching for Food

Latest Episode

Here you can listen to the most recent episode published!  There's still more to listen to, but try it out here first!

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Jellyfish in Aquarium

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   The Show

Hello, and thank you for coming to my website! I hope you've been enjoying my podcast, or, if you haven't listened yet, I hope you will enjoy it!

I've always loved animals, and I love to teach people new things, so I'd figured this podcast would be perfect for me!  I saw that there was always a lot of confusion about many different animals, and that many people don't know what to do to help them, so I wanted to create an educational, informational podcast that may help shed some light on all kinds of animals, and maybe push some people to help them!

The art you see with me and the animals was done by a good friend of mine at Brumbles Studios, and my intro and outro music was done by another good friend of mine, Rand, thank you guys so much!

You can find any episode information, and links, on the blog page by clicking the button below!

Snowy Forest


The creator, Schi-Lee Smith, with blue curly hair, large glasses, and her pet snake around her neck.


Creator, editor, publisher, researcher, etc.

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