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Long time, no update! Also, new article for your pet dogs!

Hello friends!!

I've missed all of you, but, alas, Graduate school and Teaching is taking up the little free time I had left!

I still very much plan to continue this podcast, I just want to make sure I can focus on my schoolwork for now!

Also! Update for all you dog owners out there.

Many people tend to be wondering/confused about the whole Grain-Free versus Grain-Full dog food, and in many cases people may buy one or the other but still not quite understand WHY they are. A website ( recently posted an article detailing the reasons to either choose grain in food, or grain free food. Obviously, you should always consult your veterinarian anytime you change your pets diet, but, it's always good to go in with a solid base knowledge, and it can make the appointment go by much faster!

The article is linked here, ( go ahead and give it a read, and go hug all your fur (or scale, or feather) babies for me!

Talk to you soon (ish)!

-Schi-Lee A. Smith, Host and Creator of Wildlife Weirdos

(P.S. Here's a painting I did in high school of a beautiful puppy and his kitten friend! Happy Spring!!)

Acrylic painting of a German Shephard and a sleeping deep orange tabby under a Willow tree by a stream.

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